Light Ring with fountain head
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Pondmaster 24-LEDs Light Ring with Fountain Head

Price: $118.20
  • Item #: 02185
  • Manufacturer: Danner Mfg.
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Pondmaster Accessory for your pump (950-1800 gph with 3/4" or 1"outlet) 24-LEDs Light Ring with Fountain Head creates a dramatic nighttime water feature. Watertight; low voltage; energy-savings. Easily attaches to pump and provides Fleur de Lis display. Diverter included for second feature and fountain spray height control. ONE year warranty.

• For Use With Pumps 950 to 1800 Gallons Per Hour
• Adapts To Pumps With 3/4 Inch  or 1" Outlets
• Included Diverter Allows For A Second Feature and Controls Fountain Spray Height
• With 24-Led Lights Surrounding Ring.