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    Probe for Aquascape IonGen 2 Atlantic Water Gardens GateKeeper Atlantic Water Gardens - Anode for Trion2 and Trion3 Ionizer
    Aquascape IonGen 2 Replacement ProbeAtlantic W G - GateKeeper for 14" weirAtlantic W G - Replacement Anode for Trion2 & Trion3 Ionizer
    Replacement probe for the IonGen™ System - 2nd Generation Durable quick connect electrical connection - cable to probe (15' long) - Tool-free probe installation - Angled probe helps deflect debris and reduce clogging

    GateKeeper 14" - for Skimmer Weirs. Clips to weir door allowing leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish from entering the skimmer.

    Atlantic Water Gardens - Triton Ionizer Replacement Anode for TRION2 and TRION3 Periodic replacement of electrodes is just as simple. Instead of a whole ssembly, only the electrodes are changed, again without needing tools. It doesn’t get any simpler or better designed than this!