Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue
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Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue Pond Colorant 8-oz.

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  • Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories Inc.
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Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue - Specially formulated for lakes, lagoons, ponds, fountains and water features.

Safely colors water blue while the enzymes help create a healthy pond environment by digesting organic waste and reducing noxious odors. 

  • Safe for humans, plants and aquatic life
  • Once diluted, will not stain birds or fish, nor most concrete fountains or pond rocks
  • Safely colors water a beautiful shade of blue
  • Blocks out specific light rays
  • Digests organic waste
  • Reduces noxious odors
  • No restrictions on swimming, irrigating or fishing
  • Makes off-color water more appealing
  • Mixes completely in hours

Dosage Rates:
1/2 oz per 250 gallons
1 oz. per 500 gallons
2 oz. per 1,000 gallons

Shake well before using. Dilute Bio-Blue in a bucket with water and then add the diluted colorant to your pond, fountain or water feature. NOTE: Undiluted colorant could stain concrete or rocks.

Due to differences in water quality and chemical composition, actual color will differ. To achieve a particular hue, only apply half the dosage rate and then slowly increase dosing until your desired color is obtained.