Matala Media
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Matala Filter Media - Half Sheet - Green/Coarse

Price: $38.95
  • Applications of Matala: Rotating Bio-Discs, Submerged Bed Filters, Vortex, Sedimentation Chambers
  • More Matala Applications:: Trickling Filters, Protection of Fish Fry, Anti-Clogging of Pumps, Spawning Mat, Surface Skimmers, Mechanical Pre-Filtration
  • Item #: 99987 [FSM290]
  • Manufacturer: Matala
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Matala Filter Media - Green (Medium Density) Half Sheet -  24" x 39" x 1.5" Rigid and extremely durable. Versatile filter media is perfect for use in biological filters, settling tanks, and pump pre-filters.

Simply cut Matala™ to size with a standard serrated kitchen knife to accommodate use in existing filter.

Also Available: BLACK (Low Density), BLUE (High Density) and GREY (Super High Density).