Matala Media
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Matala Filter Media - Half Sheet - Black/Super-Coarse

Price: $36.95
  • Applications of Matala: Rotating Bio-Discs, Submerged Bed Filters, Vortex, Sedimentation Chambers
  • More Matala Applications:: Trickling Filters, Protection of Fish Fry, Anti-Clogging of Pumps, Spawning Mat, Surface Skimmers, Mechanical Pre-Filtration
  • Item #: 99988 [FSM190]
  • Manufacturer: Matala
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Matala Filter Media - Black (Low Density) Half Sheet -  24" x 39" x 1.5" Rigid and extremely durable. Versatile filter media is perfect for use in biological filters, settling tanks, and pump pre-filters.

The Black Matala can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to its very sturdy and open design. In a settling chamber the Black will slow down and trap very large particles and hair algae. When you use the Black or Green Matala for solids filtering you may use the garden hose to spray clean them. The dirt falls off very easily.

Simply cut Matala™ to size with a standard serrated kitchen knife to accommodate use in existing filter.

Also Available: GREEN (Medium Density), BLUE (High Density) and GREY (Super High Density).