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You will find in this category...Gravity Flow Filters with and without UV's, Pressurized Filters with and without UV's, and Waterfall Filters...Filters remove dirt, debris and waste from the pond water. Filters provides mechanical and biological filtration. UV lamp kills the algae...Mechanical filtration traps algae clumps. Waterfall filters provide mechanical and biological filtration as well as providing a natural looking waterfall.
    Aquascape Filter Urn IonGen System G2
    Aquascape Decorative Pond Filter Urn - LargeAquascape IonGen™ System G2

    The Aquascape Pond Filter Urn is ideal for smaller ponds, including preformed ponds or container water gardens. Aquascape Pond Filter Urn can easily be incorporated into existing ponds. Ideal for use with Aquascape Ultra™ or AquaJet™...

    The IonGen™ effectively kills algae without the use of traditional liquid chemicals and is designed with a microprocessor that sends a signal to its ion producing probe helping to control algae throughout the entire water feature....