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Replacement Parts and accessories for filters: Gravity flow, Pressurized, Waterfall: filter media(material), filter pads, filter brushes, bio-media, UV Bulbs, O-Rings, filter elements,....

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultra Filter Media Tetra UV Bulb Savio Spring-flo Bio-filter Media
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultra Filter MediaTetra Replacement UV Bulb - 18-WattSavio Springflo Bio-filter Media

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultra Replacement Filter Media 8.5-lbs. (1 cu.ft.) for Ultima II Filters.

Replacement UV Clarifier Bulb For - UVC-18 (18 watt UV), Tetra UV2, BP2500 & BP4000 2G11 Base with "H" Style lamp 8-3/4" Long x 1-5/8" W 18 Watts 4 pinsA polypropylene and calcium carbonate ribbon. The embossed diamond pattern creates millions of dimples to rapidly secure and develop bacteria. Easy to use and maintain. It does not clog and resists channeling and compaction in up-flow and...




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Savio Waterfall Weir Mat for 31"

Replacement Filter Mat for 31" Savio Waterfall Weir. Mat can also be used as replacement filter mat for (Sav032) Savio Small Livingponds Waterfall/Filter.