Atlantic W G Fountain Head for MD1000 - MD2000 Pumps

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  • Item #: W-MD1000-2000 [MDFH1020]
  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens
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Fountain Head for Atlantic MD1000-MD2000 Mag Drive Pumps

Compatible with all of Atlantic™s Mag Drive Pumps, this versatile Fountain Head pivots to make leveling easy, telescope to adjustable heights and feature four different spray patterns to choose from. 


Description: Telescoping Fountain Head

Min Height: 15 Inches
Max Height: 22 Inches
Inlet: 1" FPT
Outlet: 1" insert
For Use With: 1000 - 2000 gph MD Pumps
Includes: Telescoping diverter w/4 interchangeable fountain heads.