Aquascape Fountain Head Kit (Small) for Ultra 400-800 Water Pump
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Aquascape Fountain Head Kit (Large) for Ultra 1100-2000 Pumps

Price: $21.98
Sale Price: $18.50
  • Item #: 91046
  • Manufacturer: Aquascape
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  • Fits:  - Ultra™ 1100  - Ultra™ 1500  - Ultra™ 2000
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
If you currently own an Ultra™ Pump and want to add a new dimension to your pond with the addition of a fountain, Aquascape makes it simple with the addition of the new Ultra™ Pump Fountain Head Kit.

Comes complete with three fountain heads: 
  • Waterbell, 
  • Foaming Jet, and 
  • Daisy Fountain 
  • along with an integrated diverter valve to adjust the fountain head height,   as well as allows for the diversion of water to an external filter or waterfall 
(Year 2012 - present).
Ideal for use with Aquascape Ultra 1100, 1500, and 2000 (2012 to present)
3/4 inch male-threaded connection
Includes three fountain head options
Adjustable height and diverter valve