Alpine Hybrid-Powered pump, Diagram for Hybrid Pump
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Alpine Solar Hybrid-Powered 280-gph Garden Pump

Price: $293.50
  • Item #: 41922 [PYP280HB]
  • Manufacturer: Alpine
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Alpine Solar Hybrid-Powered 280-gph Garden Pump with 1/2" outlet.

Designed for continuous operation. Magnetic driven, high volume pump.

Energy saving split tube motor. 33' cord.

Vortex impeller. Pump can be used horizontal or vertical. Large prefilter.

1/2" male-outlet connection with 3/4" adapter.

Operates IN or OUT of water.

Pays for itself in electrical savings in a matter of months.

Ideal for small ponds, this revolutionary product works by harnessing the power of the sun using a solar panel, reinforced by a transformer during cloudy days and running completely on electricity at night.

One Year Warranty.

INCLUDES: 280gph Hybrid Pump with 1/2" outlet.

High End Solar Panel for optimal performance Level Transformer Hybrid Box with 12 volt transformer connector, solar panel connector and pump connector.

Fitting with 1/2" outlet and flow control; spray nozzles

Amps: 0.61, Watts: 7.5, Max Lift: 8 ft.

Cord Lengths: 1 ft from hybrid box to transformer, 16 ft from hybrid box to solar panel, 16 ft from hybrid box to pump and 5 ft from transformer to wall plug.