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    Alpine Warm White LED Light Alpine Hybrid-Powered pump, Diagram for Hybrid Pump PondCare Master Liquid Test Kit
    Alpine 3-watt LED Warm White LightAlpine Solar Hybrid-Powered 280-gph Garden PumpAPI - Pond Care Master Liquid Test Kit
    Alpine Warm White 3-watt LED Pond Light Warm White Luminosity LED Light with Transformer, Photocell, Base & 2 Stakes This intense warm white LED has an extremely powerful output. Using only 3 watts of electricity, this energy efficient light...Alpine Solar Hybrid-Powered 280-gph Garden Pump with 1/2" outlet. Designed for continuous operation. Magnetic driven, high volume pump. Energy saving split tube motor. 33' cord. Vortex impeller. Pump can be used horizontal or vertical. Large...The API POND MASTER TEST KIT is the easy and accurate way to test pond water quality. This kit measures the 4 key water parameters: pH, ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate. Package Information Wide Range pH (5.0 to 9.0) Ammonia (NH 3 /NH 4 +) Nitrite...




    PondJet Halogen Light Set EasyPro Submersible Pump /Filter/UV Combo Oase Fountain Nozzle Set
    Oase PondJet Illumination Halogen set 3pcEasyPro All-in-One - Submersible Pump (675-gph) /Filter/UV ComboOase Fountain Nozzle 4 Pattern Set 1/2"
    This light set for the OASE PondJet Floating Fountain consists of 3 LunAqua 10 halogen lights (50W each), an underwater transformer and mounting brackets. The light set can be retrofitted to existing PondJets. Power Cable Length: 75 ft. Power...Combines pump, filter, UV and fountain into one complete unit. Ideal for small and pre-formed ponds needing simple effective filtration. Eleven watt UV for crystal clear water. 675 GPH pump with 20' power cord, 48 watts. Mechanical and biological...Add a beautiful water display to your small pond or water garden with this nozzle set. Included are 4 nozzles that each provide a unique water pattern for your water feature. The 1/2" extension tube will screw directly into pumps with a 1/2" FPT...